Month: June 2020

Google Analytics used by Business Consultancy

The difference between reach vs. impressions

You?ve just launched an advertising campaign or published a piece of content, and you want to see how it?s doing. You open up your analytics dashboard and see two words pop up over and over: ?impressions? and ?reach.? You?re sure

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Birmingham Business Consultant after working on a school in Africa

Common Mistakes with Your “About” Page

You may have heard rumblings about a recent update that wreaked havoc on a lot of ?your money or your life? sites ? the ones that talk about health, fitness, finances, or happiness. That update appeared to look at the credibility of

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Birmingham Business Consultant discussing Sales Process

Part 2 : What To Include In A Business Plan

Following on from yesterdays business strategy post on the justification for creating a sales business plan today we look at the contents: Executive Summary The Executive Summary is the very overview of your business, it should give the reader a

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Birmingham Business consultant measures Bounce Back results

Bounce Back after lock down !

The pandemic has thrown businesses and workers into a state of uncertainty, and annual marketing plans out the window.? While you should be prioritizing communication over marketing right now, it?s important that marketing professionals consider how they can help lead

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