5 Biggest List-Building Mistakes SME make.

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Have you tried to build a list, but the results were… less than stellar?

No surprise. While the technology to build a list has gotten easier and more accessible, there are still big mistakes that can interfere with your list-building efforts.

Here are 5 of the big mistakes that I see make when they try to build a list:

Mistake #1: Your offer is too vague.

Yes, you need to make some kind of offer in order to entice people to join your list. It used to be ‘join my email newsletter.’ (That’s SO last decade now!)

Now you make an offer for a juicy freebie of some kind – an eBook, video, etc. But if your offer is too vague, it’s not exciting.
“Meditation Methods” is a vague title.
“5 Ways to Meditate in 5 Minutes” is much more specific.

Make your offer super-specific.

Mistake #2: Believing the tech will save you.

Just because you CAN set up a list-building system using some of the latest technology, doesn’t mean that people will flock to your list (see Mistake #1).

It’s not the system that’s important (although you need one) – it’s the strategy behind your free offer and how it blends with your brand and your high-ticket offer that makes list-building work.

Mistake #3: Not being willing to tweak the offer.

Sometimes, because we have an in-depth knowledge of the problems that our clients face, we don’t actually speak their language.

For example, a doctor will often use technical jargon when describing a medical issue, which doesn’t aid comprehension.

If people aren’t taking your offer and joining your list, there might be something wrong with the offer no matter how good the content is. You may not need to create an entirely new offer – you may just need to change the title or the subtitle of your offer, to make it something that your clients are craving.

If you’re not willing to tweak the offer, you may miss out on creating something that is irresistible.

Mistake #4: Not nurturing your list.

A list isn’t just built. It’s maintained.

People may opt-in to your list for your juicy freebie, but if you don’t plan the list nurture for them, they’ll leave. Emailing them once every month or two won’t cut it. An old list is an (almost) dead list, and it takes just as much energy to re-invigorate them as it did to bring them in the first time.

Plan your nurture at least once a week so your list expects to get great info from your emails.

Mistake #5: Not expecting churn.

When you build your list, you have to expect people to fall off.

Some will unsubscribe and some will simply stop engaging which means over time you’ll want to stop emailing them.

Continuing to email your unengaged contacts will hurt how many people receive your emails (strange but true)!

This means that your email list size won’t be the total number of “all the people who opted in for my freebie” or “everyone who’s subscribed to my newsletter.” Your total email list will be that number (your total number of opted in or subscribed contacts) minus the number of contacts who have opted out.

How many can you expect? As many as 50% or more of your list may leave before the year is over, which means that list-building needs to be a constant activity.

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