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In my sales coaching and business consultancy one of my first questions tends to be around CRM. Having a decent CRM software system is the key to help maintain high quality relationships with your customer base. The biggest concern for businesses looking to implement a Customer Relationship Management system is usually the high price that CRM systems can cost. This usually goes beyond the budget.

But have no fear, we?ve piled together as part of our sales coaching initiative a handful of leading Customer Relationship Management solutions. These, you can implement for free, helping you kick start your personal CRM efforts which will improve your business growth.

Come on folks no excuses – you need one!

HubSpot CRM: recommended by this business consultancy as Best Overall Free Personal CRM for Start-ups and SME

Now this is a CRM system that you will find in many free CRM tool,business consultancy and sales coaching blogs across the internet. HubSpot offers a fully powered, flexible system which delivers all features, integrations, and support services free of charge. There is also an unlimited number of users. All you need to do is create a HubSpot account and you?re ready to start working on building relationships with your customers. It’s a Business consultancy dream as it gives the client a signpost approach to customer contact.

Many other CRM providers reserve premium functionalities on a monthly pay-per-user basis, however, HubSpot CRM has all the bells and whistles you need for a fully integrated personal CRM system for any business. The only features you will have to pay for (which are optional) is if you wanted to sync your HubSpot CRM with HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot Sales, for a truely all-in-one solution. 

It?s the ideal option if you?re an individual, Startup or SME, looking to support a moderate customer base in sectors such as retail, accounting, real estate and construction, just to name a few. I also give a shout out to their video tuition which does have some great sales coaching. They offer this super easy to use CRM package with a very useful free mobile app, free to all their users, which is why it deserves to be the first free CRM app on our list.

Bitrix24 CRM: Best Free Personal CRM for Collaboration

This is a fantastic option for free CRM systems as a lot of the Bitrix24 features are completely free and it?s a very compact solution. If you?re basing on the number of users, Bitrix24 is one of the most popular free personal CRM systems in the world, and there?s a very good reason for that. One big one being that you can have an unlimited number of users on the free plan (it used to be a maximum of 12 users) as well as easy integrations, unlimited contacts, powerful integrations and online catalogue/store, just to name a few. Perfect for those selling products or that require an online store.

Bitrix24 is a fully-featured free personal CRM cloud solution that collates all contacts on a single dashboard, manages them from there, and sends automated emails. Features are similar to the paid plans, although they are more scaled-down on the free plan. The unpaid package does however include great features such as pipeline management, lead management, sales tracking, reporting, task automation, and more.

If it?s collaboration you?re looking for on top of these great free features, this is where Britix24 Cloud CRM system gets even better. The platform is equipped for comprehensive project management, in-time and secured document collaboration, internal social networking, and video. This is why it is often referred to as the best free CRM software for team collaboration. All of this can be accessed on their iOS and Android app, so everyone in your team can access and view the same schedules and projects as you with cross-device synchronisation. It can also integrate with your existing Cloud storage platforms, such as One Drive, Google Drive and Dropbox. 

Freshsales CRM: Best Free Personal CRM for Helpdesk Integration

The Freshsales CRM system is said to be one of the best free personal CRM platforms for SME . It is designed to achieve end-to-end management needs of a range of different businesses. It aims at those who are mainly phone-based sales. The their free plan has a calling system and lead scoring ability.

It?s slick interface is well-balanced and the platform offers a free-to-use package. Freshsales is such an attractive option to Startups and smaller developing businesses. The free plan will include capturing, distribution, scoring, and verification of leads via various communication channels. However, you will be limited to the amount of users. Freshsales does have paid packages which will include extra storage, users and support, as well as added features like email management. If you?re currently working with other Freshdesk softwares,you will be able to easily integrate with their Freshdesk account.

Freshsales have a very robust free mobile app for their CRM which offers impressive inbound and outbound calling features, however, this is part of their paid service plans. It includes a dedicated local or toll-free phone number, automatic call tracking and recording, and notes. It?s a great starting point for Startups and smaller businesses who are looking to gain leads via phone calls. Other useful functions from their CRM mobile app apart from in-app calling is lead management and sales activity tracking all very useful for enforcing your sales coaching and business consultancy.

Insightly CRM: Best Free Personal CRM for Project Management

The no-nonsense approach from Insightly CRM is what has made this platform so popular. It?s the best free CRM system for smaller teams that specialises in managing people & projects. Although the free plan only allows 2 users, you get a pretty feature-rich, clean interfaced business tool for no cost (premium paid packages also available). 

The good thing with the Insightly CRM is that the interface modules can be customised. For example, if you?re in the property industry, you can customise it by the buyer, seller, property type, listings, and broker information. Equipment, logistics, shipping, and work order, among others, can also be tracked. The offering also extends to lead routing, workflow automation, customer management, and sales pipeline tools. It is an all-in-one, solution for those who are putting project management at the forefront of their CRM. 

You can build apps and data visualisations to track your key metrics, without needing to know any coding skills. It?s as simple as dragging and dropping elements wherever you like. It allows integration with G Suite and Microsoft , as well as Mailchimp, Slack, Dropbox, QuickBooks and more apps. There is also an iOS & Android app version for Insightly CRM.

Insightly?s free package should be considered as your free personal CRM option. It has a decent mix of everything, and helps small businesses get on their feet without having to splash the cash.

Agile CRM: Best Free Personal CRM with Marketing Capabilities

We?ve reached a Cloud CRM system which we believe is our favourite when it comes to implementing marketing functionalities. The CRM system is an all-in-one business platform which incorporates features such as campaign, email, and social media management. Project management, contact view, reporting, support/service, and timeline features are also included.

Marketing tools are used for almost every single business, having them part of your CRM system is a benefit. This is why this free package from Agile CRM is an attractive option. This is of benefit especially Startups and SME?s who are looking to scale. 

Their Email Campaign templates are easy to create and the platform has a range of different pre-made forms. They have a editor that allows you to drag and drop elements, including social media links, images, videos, and more. Another feature is video can be added to your email straight from your smartphone then to email template . Simple.

The automation doesn?t stop there with marketing communications within the Agile CRM platform. You can also automate important upcoming voice calls and follow-ups by putting your appointment calendar online. It has all the basic CRM needs you?d expect from a free personal CRM system. In addition it has the marketing capabilities you?d find on third-party platforms. A big thumbs up for SME?s who are looking to grow.

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