5 Stages to a more effective Sales and Marketing system

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Do you have a proven sales and marketing system the regularly brings you new customers…..and keeps them?

Are you tired of working for your own business? Do you think it is time the business worked for you? Now is that time. You can have that dream business by following these five simple stages.

“It takes a big shift in mindset to let go of the operational side of what you love. Yet to genuinely grow, you need to spend time working on and not in your business.”

The five stages of an effective sales and marketing system

Part 1 – Find Your Gap. Do you know everything you need to about your business? What numbers matter? Where are you now? Where do you want to be? Why is that important to you? Does your system put you in touch with your goals, the reasons why you set up in the first place and keeps that goal front and centre.

Part 2 – The Foundation Blocks. Do you have in place the basic marketing systems to equip you for success? Here are some of the blocks you should have in place – Google my Business, A follow up process, Price reviews, a marketing calendar, social media such as Linkedin and Facebook, Re-marketing, local drop cards, but importantly do you miss calls? Do you or anyone answer the phone when it rings?

Part 3 – Your Marketing. Break your marketing down into ‘bite-sized’ chunks, and then only tackle one or two pieces at a time. This keeps you fresh, current and not overwhelmed. Do you know what your dream customer looks like? Do you understand and address their needs? Do you have different messaging for different campaigns and clients? How do you drive traffic to you? How many marketing pillars do you have and do they work?

Part 4 – Know the Score. If you don’t know the score you don’t know if you are winning or not. How many leads does your marketing bring – per day, week, month? What do you do with these leads? What is your conversion rate? How much does it cost you to get a converted lead into a sale? Do you have a weekly/monthly sales and marketing scorecard unique to your business containing all the right elements. This can be a game changer for you.

Part 5 – Stabilise – Optimise – Maximise. Your marketing and sales system should not be a one hit wonder. It takes time to wrk through the actions. Stabilise your system so it is consistently successful. Next turn of the wheel is to optimise whereby you take the stabilised systems to make it better for your customers and their journey with you. Start to remove the business owner from the sales process and the service delivery. Reduce the costs of customer acquisition and optimise the marketing funnels that you use base don the activity they generate. Finally, move into the maximise mode. You are able to scale the business, expand the growth of customers and maybe even offer more excellent services.

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