Are Google Ads Worth It?

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With facebook battling with Apple many people are looking at alternatives the most logical being Google. But are Google Ads worth it ?

About 50% of small businesses are already using forms of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising like Google Ads. With Google advertising, you can reach customers on search engines, their favourite websites, and more.

Still on the fence? Keep reading to discover five big benefits of business advertisement through Google!

1. Reach Your Audience

One of the best benefits of Google Ads is it can help you reach your customers where they already are.

With billboards, you have to hope your target customers pass in front of your ads. With Google advertising, you don’t need to cross your fingers. After all, people use search engines to find the information they need every day.

If someone searches your product or service, your text or display ads could appear!

About 90% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. Meanwhile, about 50% of website traffic begins on a search engine. 

If you’re not using pay-per-click advertising with Google, there’s a chance you’re losing potential customers.

2. Generate Results

Remember, most business advertisement strategies can take time. For example, it might take you a while before a search engine optimised page ranks high on Google. If promoting your business is a priority this year, you need to focus your attention in the right places.

With Google Ads, you don’t have to wait. You can get your ads up and running the same day you make them.

Once you create your campaigns, you can start appearing in front of customers and promoting your business!  

3. Maintain Control

Once you create a billboard or print a magazine ad, you can no longer make alterations. Over time, you might realise your headline, imagery, or call-to-action isn’t working. You could lose customers as a result.

With Google advertising, you can make changes any time you want. 

Google Ads pricing is up to you, too. If you feel like a keyword is too expensive, you can make changes to control your budget. The choice is up to you.

4. Keep Up With the Competition

Google advertising is a great way for small businesses to keep up with big corporations. It’s not about how much you spend so much as your strategy.

For example, a big corporation could have a low quality score but huge budget. If your quality score is better, you could get ahead!

5. Improve Your ROI

Remember, promoting your business on Google gives you a chance to control your budget. You’ll also have access to data, allowing you to make smart decisions. As people click on your ads, you can convert those visitors into customers. 

As a result, you can make adjustments to improve your ROI, allowing you to grow without blowing your budget!

Using Google Ads when promoting your business is a great way to boost your brand. You can generate awareness, attract new customers, and increase sales!

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