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a business development consultant advice on setup facebook


As business development consultant I am constantly reviewing ways to achieving growth for your business. This time we look at facebook 

1) Use Facebook Advertising to Grow business

Facebook Ads can be used in multiple ways.You can choose your budget, demographics, location and other details that will allow you to best target your ideal clients.A great way to use ads is also to re-target back to your website visitors and your Facebook Page fans.This way, you can expose your ads to people who have already shown interest in your business and your offers,and lead them to either subscribe to your list or sign up for a low-investment offer

2) Optimise Your Facebook Business Page

This is by far the easiest one, and yet the most neglected one by most coaches.Whether you are mingling in Facebook groups or running Facebook Ads,the first point of contact for your potential clients is going to be your Facebook Business Page.So make sure it is set up for success.

Here are a few things to take care of:

Set up an eye-catching cover photo that promotes your latest webinar, tele-class or opt-in and adds a call-to-action button to encourage potential clients to sign up for your opt-in and grow your list.

Keep your page updated. The worst thing you can have on your Facebook Page is a post that is several months old.

Be sure to share consistent valuable content. Invite potential clients to like your page. With the recent changes in Facebook’s algorithm, a very small percentage of your page fans can actually see your content organically.But a big fan base has several advantages.Firstly, it showcases that you are an industry leader, because people often associate Facebook Page likes with your expertise and your reputation in the industry.Secondly, you can retarget your fans with your Facebook Advertising – this will help to significantly lower the cost of your ads.

3) Build Relationships Through Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to connect with potential clients and collaborators. However, as Business Development Consultant would tell you there is an art to promoting yourself in Facebook groups.Here’s what it looks like:

  • In Week 1, start with introducing yourself, sharing your story and offering valuable posts around your area of expertise. Let people learn more about you and the work you do.
  • In Week 2, start delivering more value in the form of tips, how-to’s, and free assessments and sessions so people can experience your work.
  • In Week 3, invite people to join your email list, or attend a free webinar, teleconference or challenge that you host. This helps you to establish yourself as an expert, and since people already know who you are, saying yes becomes easy for them.
  • In Week 4 and beyond, start promoting your paid offers. Even at this stage, remember to still continue providing valuable content to potential clients.

4) Start Your Own Facebook Group

Starting your own Facebook group may be the perfect next step for you. Creating your own group is a great way to gather and grow your community,and inspire others to become raving fans and paying clients. Yes, you can do this through your weekly emails too,but your Facebook group will expedite the know, like and trust factor for you because your tribe will see you live in action – answering questions and providing value.Facebook groups also allow you to host great Live Videos, which means your people can actually experience your work firsthand and connect with you on a deeper level.  A great win-win for both you and your clients!

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