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The 10/20/30 rule of PowerPoint?

Despite how many PowerPoint presentations I’ve given in my life, I’ve always struggled with understanding the best practices for creating them. I know they need to look nice, but figuring out how to make them aesthetically pleasing and informative is

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Why Every New Website Launch Must Start With SEO

Years ago, websites were designed, built and then optimised for search but this divided approach simply doesn?t work in 2020. If you?re planning a new website launch, it is vital that you get SEO advice right so you are thinking

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MythBusters – debunking nonsense in Email Marketing

I love the TV programme “MythBusters” – Its great to think someone else has worked their backside off to prove that particular “facts” we believe are “confirmed” or “Busted”. So I have used this concept to help with your email

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