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Social Media Strategy Mistakes

GoDaddy and I have a bit of a hit and miss relationship but credit where it is due this top 10 list of social Media Mistakes does make sense.? Whether you?re starting a new business or optimising your current social

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Business Strategy advice on gaining repeat buyers

Ten Ways to Earn More Repeat Buyers

It?s far easier to sell to existing customers than win new ones, but many online stores spend most of their marketing dollars on the latter. To increase revenue quickly, the best strategy is to inspire deeper customer loyalty in the

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What to do when a prospect asks for a lower price !

 3 tips for when you’re prospect asks for a better (lower) price….. If you’ve done your qualification process right, why would a vendor go to all this trouble (calls, meetings, emails, discussion) and then not do a deal with you?

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Dion Judge Birmingham Business Consultant discusses writing a blog.

Is Writing a Blog Worth It?

A blog is a series of topical entries on a website page written by a company or author. Their evolution is in full force, driving blogging to the next level with vlogs and podcasts too so in the current age

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