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What to do when a prospect asks for a lower price !

 3 tips for when you’re prospect asks for a better (lower) price….. If you’ve done your qualification process right, why would a vendor go to all this trouble (calls, meetings, emails, discussion) and then not do a deal with you?

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Dion Judge Birmingham Business Consultant discusses writing a blog.

Is Writing a Blog Worth It?

A blog is a series of topical entries on a website page written by a company or author. Their evolution is in full force, driving blogging to the next level with vlogs and podcasts too so in the current age

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Google Analytics used by Business Consultancy

The difference between reach vs. impressions

You?ve just launched an advertising campaign or published a piece of content, and you want to see how it?s doing. You open up your analytics dashboard and see two words pop up over and over: ?impressions? and ?reach.? You?re sure

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Birmingham Business Consultant after working on a school in Africa

Common Mistakes with Your “About” Page

You may have heard rumblings about a recent update that wreaked havoc on a lot of ?your money or your life? sites ? the ones that talk about health, fitness, finances, or happiness. That update appeared to look at the credibility of

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