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If you’ve struggled with copywriting (or even the thought of it), check this out…

I’ve been creating quite a bit of sales copy recently and also helping some clients work on theirs.

It’s true that copywriting can seem like a very arduous task.

So try the following 2 principles which can really help you:

1) Fill In The Framework

The great copywriter Eugene Schwartz said,

“Copy is not written, copy is assembled.”

What he means is you should never open a blank document with the intention of writing your sales page start to finish, top to bottom.

This is extremely unrealistic and VERY difficult (I certainly can’t do it).

Instead, which is what Eugene is really getting at, is that you work on the individual components like:

…etc, and so on…

So, on Monday you might work on just the calls to action.

On Tuesday you might create 5 candidate headlines.

On Wednesday you could create a bullet list of benefits.

Once this is done, then you assemble these components into the overall framework of your sales letter.

2) The ‘Copy-Sweep Method’

That’s my name for it, but the general principle has been talked about by many great copywriters.

Basically, we can’t work on copy all day.

Personally, I can last about 1 hour before my creativity wanes.

So this is where the Copy-Sweep Method comes in.

Once you’ve assembled your components you ‘sweep’ over your copy once per day making small incremental improvements.

25-40 minutes is more than enough for this.

By sleeping in between these sessions you come back fresh: a sub-headline which looked great yesterday can seem rather lacklustre today!

So you tweak it.

You can also spend some of your allocated time collecting other people’s copy from around the internet.

Then you borrow the style, phrases and layout and adapt your work accordingly.

Try this and I think you’ll be amazed at how these small, incremental improvements add up.

For me, this process usually takes 3 weeks, with one 40-minute session per day.

(the rest of the time, I’m usually creating the product content itself as I generally like to create my sales material first)

So that’s 15 ‘sweeps’ I’ll do, improving, improving, improving.

The other great thing is that this takes the fear out of the process because even if you hate the thought of copywriting, you can still manage 25-40 minutes per day.

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