Happy New Year ,  yeah right ! So now we have got away from January and the new year new you platitudes if your anything like most people I have spoken to recently, you are feeling low about the recent continuation of our lockdown. It’s not great, is it? And many people right now will be feeling hopelessness with a lack of belief in what the future holds for them or their business.

Well, I am here to tell you that you are not alone. There are many places that you can turn to if you need to talk Your phone is full of contacts that you can call to talk through your fears There are also many professionals who specialise in helping individuals with their mindset, stress and anxiety. (I know several if you need a contact) So please do not feel that you have to face this alone, because you are not alone. As for my business which actually grew last year despite all this madness I received a lovely testimonial off a client before Christmas. This lady told me that I had given her belief in herself, her knowledge, her skills and her business. And because of that belief, she was able to have a record-breaking month in December. In fact, it was her best month of 2020 by a long shot. I have to be honest that felt good to hear and it has strengthened my resolve to help others on their journey. Sometimes it’s not about business, sometimes it is more about helping people realise that they have all the skills, superpowers and knowledge they need to succeed You have to believe in yourself. If I can help someone with that, then I am a very happy man.

So if you find yourself feeling hopeless right now and you feel that you and your business would enjoy having some energy bursting input from me give me a shout !

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