Memetic : Let MeMe work for YouYou

Trend analysis

Normally, memes will appear with little to no text mentions. The only way to see if your brand is in one is
through monitoring them through image recognition. Engage in the meme community
Connecting your content to popular memes can help engage this aspect of the community, encouraging
engagement, with the aim of creating more virality for your brand.

Share user-generated memes

If any user-generated meme jumps out, try to share it on the channels they’re naturally most effective on—
forums like Reddit and Twitter are ideal for this. Make sure you credit the creator, as it’ll build a stronger brand
connection while encouraging others to create branded content too.

Be careful what you post

In late 2016, Wendy’s included a meme including Pepe the frog. This caused significant negative
response, as the character is often associated with the Alt-right. Wendy’s had to respond
quickly and delete the offending tweet. Before you share a meme, make sure you’re 100% certain of what it means and its implications.

Check the regulations

As memetic media continues to grow, there will be repercussions, and possibly regulations.
Keep track of them to make sure you’re not breaking any rules. Memes also live on the edge
of copyright rules. Careful use is essential when using memes for marketing purposes, so be cautious to avoid any legal repercussions.

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