online digital marketing NICHE – Reasons you need to be more specific.

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Within online digital marketing Niche is a really thorny issue and one I fall foul of myself but at the end of the day there are many good reasons to work out your niche. Here are my reasons you need to be more specific.

If people think you help everyone then they will think you can’t possibly understand their personal specific problem as you are too general. For example as someone who is engaged I don’t want a wedding photographer that will work with just anyone – I want someone that meets my specific needs.. so I’ll ignore any accounts that work with anyone anywhere in the world.

You’re going to struggle to find your ideal client on Instagram if you help ‘everyone’

You’ve got around 6 seconds to convince someone when they come to your account that you can help them or someone they know. If you are too broad by using words like ‘you’ ‘people’ ‘professionals’ or ‘businesses’ they will take one look and think that’s not for me and leave. They need to be able to literally read your bio and think ‘yep that’s me’ or ‘yep that’s perfect for someone I know’

The kind of online digital marketing you’ll put out need to resonate with your ideal client. If you don’t pick ONE person then you’re going to be putting out messages that won’t resonate with anyone and nobody will buy from you. Posts that resonate with Pete the old-school builder aren’t likely to resonate with Kelly the vegan marketer. PICK ONE PERSON.

“If you try and attract everyone you’ll attract nobody.

If you try and sell too many things on your account at once people will get confused and leave. Be clear in your online digital marketing on the one thing you sell and the problem it solves. Just pick the one that sells best OR that you like the most if you’re struggling.

You’re going to really struggle with the rest of the tasks and marketing in general if you resist being specific. I know it’s hard. I know.?Please give it a go.

By focusing on selling one thing you won’t put people off from buying your other products or services – it will intrigue them to go to your website and see what else you sell. It just means you will sell more of that one thing – which is great right???

I can almost guarantee that none of you are at capacity with anything you sell. so focus your online digital marketing on selling ONE thing until you’ve sold out and then move onto selling out on the next thing.

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