13 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website


Everyone could use some inspiration when it comes to driving more clicks to their site. These digitalmarketing ideas come at little or no cost…

1. Create Viral content using Jonah Bergers STEPPS formula (Google it).

2. Go to Hashtagify and search for relevant Twitter hashtags and join the conversation.

3. Use Ubersuggest to find keywords relevant to your industry and write content around them.

4. Use Ahrefs to do the same…its faster.

5. Head over to Answer The Public to find endless content ideas in seconds (then create the content).

6. Use Sniply to share the content of others but have a call to action button that sends them to your site.

7. Promote your content to interested parties using an outreach tool like Lemist that allows you to add some great extra personal touches.

8. Use a viral giveaway tool like Viral Loops to increase engagement and grow your email list (which will drive traffic later on).

9. Use Fryebox quiz maker to create a quiz and embed it into your website then promote via social.

10. Use Get Stencil and create memes for social media and offers on Social to drive traffic to your site.

11. Start using YouTube and create videos you know will get views using a research tool like Vid Iq.

12. Create a huge list post for your website that gain traction.

13. Create a roundup post of expert opinion.

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