What is black hat SEO


If you want to rank on page 1 of Google it is easy. Simply buy a range of backlinks and you will be there. And many do this. That, of course, goes against Google’s terms of service.

And the name for this is of course ‘Black Hat SEO’. The problem with black hat is quite straight forward….risk. Let’s say you spent ?3000 on your website and say ?12,000 on your black hat SEO.

?15,000 investment…..and you rank high on Google, page 1 rankings galore and the champagne is out. But then something happens……

Google message you and tell you that you have received a manual penalty. Your site is gone from Google and now you have a choice. Disavow all of those black hat backlinks…and start again Or….kill your website and start again

Many will say the chances of you being caught by Google are slim But they aren’t If one of your competitors hires a white hat SEO and they see black hat techniques a quick message to Google is all that is required. And that is why it pays over the long term to invest in white hat SEO. But that type of SEO is tough, it takes time and effort. SEO is a lot like taking your website to the gym. And black hat SEO is a lot like taking steroids to beef up. And results are often temporary

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