What to do when a prospect asks for a lower price !

 3 tips for when you’re prospect asks for a better (lower) price…..

If you’ve done your qualification process right, why would a vendor go to all this trouble (calls, meetings, emails, discussion) and then not do a deal with you? You’ve come a long way so don’t be too hasty to say ‘Bye Bye’ if the prospect is quibbling about price. At this stage in the process you want to make it happen. (and so do they!)

Instead of selling them the benefits of what will happen when they DO buy, how about talking to the prospect about what happens when they don’t? Some of this should have been uncovered early on. Go back over the steps of their problem.

Ask your prospect up front, ‘Where would I need to be on the pricing for you to move ahead today and sign the contract?’ if your prospect says they don’t know OR they give a price but aren’t willing to sign up today, price isn’t the problem – it’s a smoke screen for another issue. Some sales coaches/trainers say you should never negotiate on price, others are in favour of it. For me, it depends and this question asks your prospect outright whether price is really the problem.

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