Is Writing a Blog Worth It?

Dion Judge Birmingham Business Consultant discusses writing a blog.

A blog is a series of topical entries on a website page written by a company or author. Their evolution is in full force, driving blogging to the next level with vlogs and podcasts too so in the current age Is writing a blog worth it?

We all read blogs to find information but there are sceptics out there. Those that say that blogging isn?t worth the time or effort.

Well, in short there are no written rules as to whether writing a blog is worth it?. There is certainly no harm in blogging, in fact studies suggest that a company blog has more long-term ROI than traditional marketing methods.

Companies use blogs to share expertise in their field, show how their products can be used and provide a personal insight into a company or author by offering a conversation starter.

Blogs therefore provide a piece of value to the reader, before you ask for anything in return such as an email address for marketing or pitching your product. It provides you as the author with an opportunity to gain credibility in the same way that your traditional ?About? website page would, but on another level. It enables you to provide evidence that you are an “expert” in your field and have a genuine interest in the subject.

You are not trying to solve a reader?s problems

You are not trying to solve a reader?s problems by giving away your skills or knowledge in a blog. A blog is a way of showing you?have?skills and knowledge in the subject area that they are interested in or need help with.

Visitors (or traffic) will usually find your blog by searching on the internet or on social media. It is therefore vital to SEO your blogs, so they are recognised by search engines. Some people might not consider blogging worthwhile ? because they either haven?t optimised their blog posts or the posts are poorly optimised. Successful blogs need good SEO using relevant keywords and a fitting title.

Another reason people question “is writing a blog worth it? ” and don?t see value in blogging is due to the time spent writing and posting. Let?s get this straight, one well written and good looking blog per month is enough. You really don?t need to blog every week – it?s unnecessary pressure. You can create a whole month of targeted social media posts from one blog.


Finally, blogging will increase your websites credibility with search engines as they can see the website is updated on a regular basis. More credibility equals higher ranking. Ensure you submit new blog pages to Google Search Console as you publish them, to let Google know it?s there.

So writing a blog worth it? Done correctly definitely. Why wouldn?t you want to bring visitors to your website using a tool that costs no more than time and effort?

If you would like more advice on Blogging or would like to discuss making blogging part of a Social media service that we can provide don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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